• "What is my animal companion thinking?"
  • "What is my animal companion feeling?"


Nancy, Shima, and Koyuki

I have known Rebecca Moravec before when I lived in Wisconsin and she was an amazing animal communicator that helped me understand what my kitties were feeling and what they wanted to tell me.  It still feels like yesterday that I spoke with Rebecca, but I know she will always be with my kitties and in my heart.  I am so grateful that Rebecca lead me to meet Carolee who has helped me to communicate even deeper with my girls.  Carolee's reading was exactly the same as what Rebecca has told me and knew my kittie's personality to the point!  I will now let my girls know each time when anything changes in my life.  Moving, going out of town, marriage, relationships...etc  Animals are so appreciative and they have a beautiful energy and power to let you know that they unconditionally love you no matter what.  Even though I can't speak animal language, I now understand how they feel and their behavior has changed dramatically.  Thank you Carolee so much for your love and allowing my kitties and I to open up to each other!  I am so happy they are in my life.



Sydney and Kathy

Sydney and I started communicating with Carolee for the past year and half. Carolee nailed it, Sydney’s personality from the get go. In fact I believe that Sydney had her very own relationship with Carolee and looked forward to her visits.

Carolee has helped Sydney and I through so many changes within the past year. She helped Syd understand why we had to move and why she was losing her big back yard. Sydney understood that it was not something that she caused and Carolee helped us get through that move with grace, ease and understanding.

When we went on vacation, we asked Syd about several options and Syd helped choose where she was going to stay, knowing full well that she was not being abandon.

So many more stories to tell the most recent was a blessing. In early April Syd was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor, Carolee helped us get through every aspect of this disease. Confirmed how Syd was doing, help with the amount of meds and helped us get through the difficulty of making the decision to put Syd down. Carolee was not only there for Syd, but also for me, over a holiday weekend. Syd got to make the choices with the help of Carolee. Carolee you are simply amazing, I can’t thank you enough.

Don’t ever doubt that you can have a verbal relationship with pet, all you have to do is call Carolee and she will connect the two of you!


Ruth says . . .

"I love it when you call Carolee!"
Ruth loves to express her opinions, thoughts, wants, and needs and her humans lovingly comply. Whether it's to ask for a car ride, or talk about how good the garbage tasted last night!


Kyoko Guardianowl

All animals have personalities. and its a shame that some people actually believe that animals do not have personalities. When i had my session with Carolee, she let my female bearded dragon, Toothless's personality shine. As humans we do NOT own this earth, we share it with other magnificent creatures. and we should all respect them. What's even better is that we get to know them better, thanks to Carolee. I recommend that anyone with any kind of animal should have a session with Carolee.


Cecelia Kotz Simpson

Carolee helped tremendously when our two cats started to mark territory in the house. Our 17 year old male had marked during his final days
and the remaining cat, a 3-year old female started to mark in the same places when we brought a young male into the house. Things were getting out of control and I was afraid we'd need to surrender the new cat. Carolee responded to the urgency of the situation and was flexible, checking in with the cats frequently. Within two weeks the problem was resolved. The cats get along well now and we are grateful for Carolee's skill in resolving our problem. 


Bobbi Loiacano

Recently my papillon, Tiki, had a session with Carolee. She said he told her his back tooth on the right side was sore. The next day we went to the vet for his annual checkup and shots. That tooth is cracked. We have an appt for surgery and they will try to fix it. If not — it has to come out.....
Very uncommon for small dogs. Two issues I had were also addressed and now I have something from him to work with. Several other things came to light that night and Carolee was so "right on". We laughed and it was fun. I learned a lot about my Tiki, as he was very chatty with her. Thanks Carolee, we will definitely do it again.


Albie Zuzenic

I was referred to Carolee when my beloved yellow lab, Jazzi, was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. When Carolee communicated with Jazzi, she was able to tell me what the vets could not. Jazzi told us how bad her cancer was, where she was having the most pain, and most importantly how I could help her. 
I spoke with Carolee every few days just to make sure I was doing what I could for Jazzi during her last weeks with me and my family. Carolee's communication with Jazzi told me what food would be best on Jazzi's sensitive tummy, when she needed pain meds, where she was feeling the pain, what brought Jazzi joy, what things she wanted to do during her last weeks with me, and most importantly how Jazzi wanted to be put down and when. I will be forever thankful for Carolee.


Michele Tegen

Carolee is a communicator and healer that changes lives. She cares deeply for all creatures and works from the heart. I have, and will continue, to highly recommend her services.


Lynn Schuster

Carolee definitely has a love and a talent for animal communication. She has helped to make a positive and lasting change in the life of my cat, Hailey. After our session with Carolee, I noticed that Hailey was more relaxed and affectionate. I think she is much happier and really knows she is living in her forever home.